Resources for Veterans at SU

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment is a program available to disabled veterans separate from the G.I. Bill or other benefits programs. For qualified applicants, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) may pay full tuition, a stipend, books, fees, and in many cases, parking costs to attend Syracuse University.

Download the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment One-Pager


Student Veterans Organization

The Syracuse Student Veterans Club provides information, resources, and advocacy in support of all student veterans on campus. The group hosts activities and social opportunities, and even has their own student veterans’ lounge on campus. Find out more at


Admissions and Transfers

Syracuse University provides several advantages for veterans, such as a waived admissions fee for post-9/11 veterans and help with transferring credits from other institutions. To learn more, contact Assistant Director of Admissions, Coordinator of Transfer Recruitment Michele Pipas:


SU Veterans Resource Center

Syracuse University has its own Veterans Resource Center (VRC) dedicated to providing services to veterans at the university, such as navigating military educational benefits like the G.I. Bill and connecting with other veterans. Syracuse University participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program to enhance the benefits of the Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act for veterans, making higher education more affordable. To find out more and see if you qualify for benefits, contact:

Keith Doss  |  (315) 443-3261  |


Freshman Forum

Syracuse University offers a Freshman and Transfer Student Forum for incoming student veterans to facilitate transitioning, academic mapping, and encouraging meeting fellow veterans.


Jennifer Jeffery  |


Financial Aid Office

From standard financial aid, to the Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act, to the Yellow Ribbon Program, the Office of Financial Aid at Syracuse University assists students in managing the financing of their education.


Cynthia Roach  |  |  (315) 443-1513


VetSuccess On Campus

Syracuse University is the only private school to have a VetSuccess On Campus Coordinator, a Veterans Affairs employee who works with students to encourage, promote, and support veterans to be successful in their educational and career endeavors.


Katherine Untiedt  |  |  (315) 443-0177


Career Services

Syracuse University provides strong support for veterans to develop their professional skills and enhance their careers. Learn more about the career development resources offered at


Jennifer Renee Pluta  |  |  (315) 443-7183


VA and Health Care

The Veterans Administration is located directly across the street from Syracuse University, and the connection between the two institutions is strong.


Lauren Love  |  (315) 425-3481


Disability Services

Syracuse University supports and serves as a resource for student veterans with disabilities. Learn more at


Office of Disability Services  |  (315) 443-4498  |  TDD: (315) 443-1371