IVMF Fellows are acknowledged leaders in their respective fields, whose work has garnered national and international acclaim.


Photo of William Banks

William Banks, J.D., M.S.

Distinguished Fellow, Syracuse University

National security and public policy, constitutional law, civil and military relations

Photo of Peter Blanck

Peter Blanck, Ph.D., J.D.

Distinguished Fellow, Syracuse University

Disability law and public policy, corporate culture, ethnicity and race

Photo Charles Figley

Charles Figley, Ph.D.

Distinguished Fellow, Tulane University

Trauma and recovery, stress, families, coping and resiliency

Photo of Eric R. Kingson

Eric R. Kingson, M.P.A., Ph.D.

Distinguished Fellow, Syracuse University

Social security, Baby Boomers, retirement, population aging, political/economic/ethical implications of aging America, cross-generational reciprocity, older workers

Photo of Douglas Kruse

Douglas Kruse, Ph.D.

Distinguished Fellow, Rutgers University

Employment, econometric studies, industrial relations, disability

Photo of Dean Shepherd

Dean Shepherd, Ph.D.

Distinguished Fellow, Indiana University

Entrepreneurship, failure, organizational performance, cognition, learning


Photo of Randy Blass

Randy Blass, Ph.D.

Senior Fellow, Florida State University

Human resources, corporate culture, socialization

Photo of Andrew S. London

Andrew S. London, Ph.D.

Senior Fellow, Syracuse University

Health and health behaviors, military families, life course, poverty, welfare

Photo of Roger Thompson

Roger Thompson, Ph.D.

Senior Fellow, Stony Brook University

Writing and trauma, veteran transition to higher education, veterans and the writing classroom, veteran centers, interdisciplinary approaches to veterans studies and literature of war

Photo of Janet Wilmouth

Janet Wilmoth, Ph.D.

Senior Fellow, Syracuse University

Military families, aging, family well-being, fragile families, race

Vivian Greentree

Vivian Greentree, Ph.D.

Senior Fellow, Blue Star Families

Military families, public policy and administration, civic engagement


Photo of Lawrence Plummer

Lawrence Plummer, Ph.D.

Fellow, University of Oklahoma

Economic geography, clusters, small business, firm survival