Research & Policy

The IVMF research mission is to conduct, discover, organize, archive, interpret, and disseminate research of significant importance to veterans and families, as well as to leverage research to empower the public, private, and independent sectors to act as informed decision-makers related to the social, policy, and economic concerns of America’s veterans and their families.  The institute accomplishes this mission in the following ways:

  • IVMF Fellows: The IMVF has created and empowered a network of world-class scholars, representing academic institutions across the U.S. whose broad and extensive expertise serves as a readily-accessible source of intellectual capital, drawn from a wide range of disciplinary areas.  Fellows can leverage—and be leveraged by—education, government, industry and community-based stakeholders for the purposes of investigating and impacting programs and policy related to and impact veterans and military families.
  • Research Briefs: The IVMF has archived over 20 years of academic research, weekly publishing two-page summaries of individual articles, in order to connect academic work to the audience of practitioners and stakeholders within the veterans’ services community.  These briefs, categorized by subject area (employment, education, wellness and family), are distributed via e-mail, posted online, and archived here for future access.
  • Original Research: The IVMF conducts and disseminates original research to inform the national dialogue surrounding veterans issues and policies.  Policy briefs, white papers, and fact sheets cover a wide range of topics on veterans, families, higher education, employment and more.  Two examples of our original research are:
    • A National Veterans Strategy: This publication develops the case and foundational logic to support action toward crafting a National Veterans Strategy that is necessary to serve important social, economic and security objectives, and is consistent with the inherent social contract that defines the relationship between the nation and its veterans.
    • Veteran Homelessness Report: Every two months, IVMF publishes a Veteran Homelessness Report that highlights veteran homelessness issues, provides solutions and features guest editorials by researchers, policy makers, program directors and veterans with lived homelessness experience.

IVMF news updates, research briefs, employment situation reports and other policy and research products are posted online and sent to subscribers regularly. To subscribe, sign up here.