The price of freedom can be seen here – My VA Hospital Experience

Written by: Will Northrop “The price of freedom can be seen here.” For some, this statement might have very little meaning. This statement is located outside the VA Hospital in Syracuse, New York. To me, this quote holds much more personal value than it may to others. Far too many people fail to realize the […]

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t

Written by: James Schmeling Henry Ford is credited with saying that “Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right.” But what he didn’t say is that sometimes when you think you can’t, it’s because you don’t have all the information. There are a growing number of veterans transitioning out of the […]

Entrepreneurship and the Military

Written by: Jenny Hale Half of United States citizens work in a small business or own one themselves and two-thirds of every new job created is by a small business, according to the Interagency Task Force on Veterans Small Business Development. In the next five years, more than one million military soldiers will be returning […]

Veteran Women Ignited the Spirit of Entrepreneurship in New Orleans

Last weekend, nearly 200 women veterans and military spouses who own small businesses or aspire to be entrepreneurs flocked to New Orleans to network and learn business basics at the Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Conference (V-WISE). During the conference, organized by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University (IVMF) […]

10 Reasons Why Syracuse University is Entrepreneurship Heaven for Veterans and the Military Community

Written by: Mirza Tihic Academic research focused on the characteristics of successful innovators and entrepreneurs highlights strong self-efficacy, a high need for achievement, comfort with autonomy and uncertainty, and effective decision-making in the face of dynamic environments as their common factors. Across multiple studies, research illustrates that these same attributes are also generally characteristic of military […]

“Find the others” – Veteran edition

Written by: James Schmeling Seth wrote today “Find the others”, hitting on the connection economy, and not waiting for others to organize the people who care. Wow. Perfectly on target for my past weekend, and my past almost four years! You see, I work with veterans and military families. And every year the U.S. military makes […]

The Skills You Need to Succeed

Written by: Jenny Hale Soldiers are some of the most highly trained and skilled individuals. Yet, when it comes to transitioning out of the military, the struggle to find civilian jobs with a military skill-set becomes difficult. Veterans hold fundamental skills from their military training:  Honesty  Leadership Loyalty Teamwork Respect Pride Veterans also hold future career […]

Veteran Women Igniting My Spirit for Shark Tank

By Kristina Guerrero Four years ago, inspiration unexpectedly struck during a backcountry ski trip with my four-legged sidekick Dunkan. The idea would morph into my fledgling company TurboPUP, a name aptly representing the team that started it: me (aka “Turbo”) and Dunkan, my awesome “PUP.” My entrepreneurial journey has often felt like a chaotic hodgepodge […]

Transitioning Servicemembers: Programs to Guide You through the Process

Written by: Jenny Hale As of 2013, the projected veteran population according to the Department of Veteran Affairs was 21,973,000. According to the PEW Research Center , 21 percent of veterans surveyed said that coming home was somewhat difficult. Post-9/11 Veterans have reported having more problems transitioning than veterans of Vietnam or World War II. […]

Lovay Wallace-Singleton, New Bern, North Carolina: IVMF Student of the Week

The Institute for Veterans and Military Families would like to highlight alum, Lovay Wallace-Singleton, for her work as Executive Director of Veterans Employment Base Camp and Organic Garden (VEBCOG) in North Carolina. Wallace-Singleton is a 20-year air traffic controller Navy veteran. As a disabled veteran, suffering from bilateral carpal tunnel, she used gardening as an […]

Finding a Job in 2015

Written by: Jenny Hale With the New Year already in full swing and the holiday rush over, it’s important for veterans looking for employment to get a start on the job search process. While employment for post-9/11 veterans may be difficult to find, the statistics on unemployment are redeeming. In 2013, the unemployment rate for […]

MBA@Syracuse: Defining a Hybrid Program

Written by: Ryan Rabac Research we conducted last year clearly showed that many veterans are looking for the chance to earn business degrees. We also know that veterans are particularly well suited to be entrepreneurs, which is why we designed an accelerated MBA particularly for veterans with a focus on entrepreneurship. Another important discovery we […]

Reflecting on 2014

Written by: James Schmeling IVMF | Co-Founder. Managing Director, Programming. This past year has been one of the most fulfilling years for me professionally with my evolving role at the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University. I stepped away from supervising our research team with the hire of Nick Armstrong as our Senior […]

Sports Venue and Event Management: A Great Field for Vets

Students at the graduate level tend to differ from their undergrad counterparts in one distinctive way. They know what they specifically want from their degree. This is the reason why graduate programs must cater to unique interests and niche fields. The Master of Science in Sport Venue and Event Management is one such unique program […]

The Freshman Forum – Student Veterans Taking on the College Experience Together

Written by: Meghavaty Suresh  Stepping onto a brand new campus of over 21,000 students could be a daunting experience for anyone, not just returning veterans. Understanding this predicament, Jennifer Jeffery, Academic Advisor for the Veterans Career Transition Program at the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University (IVMF), oversees the Freshman Forum for student veterans […]

High Tech Careers, High Demand for Vets

Written by: Ryan Rabac When reading over G.I. Jobs’ Top 20 Hot Jobs for Veterans in 2014 , some of the job titles might surprise you. IT Specialist, Business Administrator, and Telecommunications Technician are among the top positions demanded by employers hiring veterans. agrees, noting IT Specialist as one of its Five Hot Jobs […]

Collective Impact: Channeling Waves into Currents for Veterans in the Sea of Goodwill

Written by: Nicholas J. Armstrong, Ph.D., Colonel James D. McDonough, Jr., (USA, Ret.), Daniel SavageNothing brings a smile to a deployed warrior’s face like a care package. And nothing embodies American pride and support for its military like sending care packages to nameless or ‘adopted’ warriors. On the receiving end, it’s a heartening experience to […]

UPS Won’t Hire Veterans out of Charity

Written by: Lori Volkman UPS Veterans Affairs manager Patrick O’Leary vividly remembers his first night of Marine Corps recruit training like it was yesterday, even though it was nearly 40 years ago. “When you finally arrive at boot camp it’s late, and I’m sure that’s not by accident. We were finally taken to squad bay full […]

Five Ways Student Veterans Bring Value to the Classroom

Written by Meghavaty Suresh and Ryan Rabac Student veterans are great contributors to the classroom and tend to stand out among their classmates. Their experiences enable them to look at things from a different perspective and solve problems in unique ways. Here are a few reasons why professors enjoy having student veterans in their classrooms: […]

Why Entrepreneurship for Veterans?

Written by Ryan Rabac Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management emphasizes three priorities in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) for Veterans program: leadership, entrepreneurship, and service. While one would expect leadership and service to be natural skills for veterans, many ask the question, why entrepreneurship? Military training develops many of the skills that parallel with […]

Highlights of the 2014 of Military Family Lifestyle Survey

Written by Ryan Rabac This year Blue Star Families collaborated with the IVMF on its fifth annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey, which examines contemporary issues facing military families. The study provides a comprehensive picture of the needs and challenges of over 6,200 military spouses, service members, and veterans. Many of the results are critical to understanding […]

Home: Where it all begins and matters most

By COL (Ret.) James D. McDonough, Jr., Daniel Savage and Jim Lorraine When soldiers and airmen like us (and more than two million others like us) returned from our deployments, we were welcomed home in crowded gymnasiums by our families and friends who eagerly awaited our return from war; we didn’t go to the White […]

On Veterans Affairs: Where’s The Big Idea?

By: Mike Haynie, PhD and Nick Armstrong, PhD C. S. Lewis said that while it’s “hard for an egg to turn into a bird,” it’s much harder for the “bird to learn to fly while remaining an egg.” The point is that cultivating discontinuous organizational change sometimes means going back to the beginning­—back to the […]

And the winners are…

Written by: Molly Blake With a double fist pump and a mega-watt smile on her face, Jill Hinton told an audience fueled up on coffee, Katy Perry’s women kick-butt-anthems and country music singer turned vet advocate Michael Peterson that she wanted to be the Oprah Winfrey of the outdoors Hinton had 90-seconds to pitch her […]

Finalists have been announced!

Written by: Molly Blake After Kristina Guerrero, the owner of and genius behind TurboPup, finished her presentation, the three judges watching were thrilled when she passed out samples. ‘This one’s peanut butter,” said the former Air Force C-130 pilot of her complete meal bars for dogs, made with 100% American sourced, human grade ingredients. Guerrero […]

Now or Never

Written by: Molly Blake Sonia Deal stood at the dark-wood paneled podium and smiled confidently.  Her hands shook a bit but the panel of three judges, seated a few yards away at a table, couldn’t see the tremble.  All they saw was a passionate, smart registered nurse with an idea. “Our collaboration through case management […]

Ending Veteran Homelessness: Tools for Staying on Track

Written by: Gary Shaheen, Director of Community Based Technical Support Initiatives President Obama and VA Secretary Shinseki have challenged the nation to end veteran homelessness by 2015. By some estimates, the number of veterans who are homeless has dropped by 24% over the past six years, but according to the most recent HUD Point in […]

5 Things Nonprofits Can Do to Best Serve Veteran Families

Written by: Jim McDonough 1. Become more competent in military culture to better understand the unique needs presented by veteran families. Take active steps to train staff on the unique needs presented by veterans and military families. Contact the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for help; they have wonderful instruction in the application of trauma-informed care […]

Who is a Veteran?

Written by: Dan Savage As our nation marks Veterans Day, I thought it fitting to put some context to those we are honoring, by asking the question, “Who is a veteran?”  For some reading this, the answer to this question may seem obvious, but for others, it’s not quite so simple. It turns out that […]

Veterans and Economic Development: CNY Regional Economic Development Council Progress

Written by: James Schmeling, Co-founder and Managing Director, IVMF About two years ago, I wrote a column on regional economic development and veterans. At the time, it was meant to call out what I saw as a lack of attention paid to veterans outside of accessible housing and homelessness, a missed opportunity related to employment and entrepreneurship. […]

10 Questions Military Members and Families Should Ask Themselves Before Transitioning

Written by: James Schmeling and Kelly McCray Veteran service members and families have a lot to consider as they separate from service and return to their civilian lives. Due to a lack of emphasis on what comes next for the prospective veteran and family, we offer these 10 questions for transitioning veterans to ask themselves […]

“The Hornet’s Nest” – If You Want to Thank a Veteran, Please Watch This Film

Written by: Jennifer Jeffery “The Hornet’s Nest,” produced and directed by David Salzberg and Christian Tureaud, is a documentary with many layers. On the surface, the story follows news journalist Mike Boettcher’s journey to reconnect with his son, Carlos. The two have not been close because of Boettcher’s 32-year career as a war correspondent, and […]

IVMF Entrepreneurship Programs as Solution for Veteran Women/Minority Employment Challenges

Written by: Mirza Tihic, Director of Program Support services and Rosy Maury, Director of Research at the Institute for Veterans and Military Families  IVMF analysis of employment data which examined demographics (e.g. age, gender and race) and their relationship to unemployment has identified that minority, female and young members of the workforce face the greatest […]

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