NYS Direct Technical Assistance Center (DTA) For US Department of Veterans Affairs Supportive Services for Veterans and Families (SSVF) Programs


Who We Are:

Syracuse University Institute for Veterans and Military Families and Veterans Outreach Center of Rochester, New York, in partnership with the New York State Health Foundation, with support of the US Department of Veterans Affairs, has developed a two-year direct technical assistance training (DTA) program for existing and planned New York State-based SSVF programs at no cost to these grantees.

What We Do:

Increase the number of new NYS SSVF grantees and expand capacity of existing NYS SSVF grantees to serve veterans and their families.

      • Build a sustainable NYS based SSVF community of practice that strengthens peer knowledge, expertise and resource exchange among new and established grantees to ensure continued, collective success.
      • Provide direct training/TA (either on-site or web/e-mail based) that helps NYS SSVFs to improve their homeless prevention services for veterans and their families, including:
        • Annual application and re-application preparation assistance
        • New grantee “quick start” assistance
        • Client targeting, outreach, screening to meet outcomes
        • Assist in networking with other SSVF providers in local or statewide areas
        • Program resources and tools to improve upon your SSVF operations
        • Assistance in designing program metrics
        • Help with establishing peer-peer grantee mentoring relationships

Visit the IVMF SSVF DTA website




New and Renewal Applications