The IVMF acts as a bridge between veterans, military families and industry/government/NGO programs positioned to create employment and vocational training opportunities. The institute provides resources and support services to veterans and their families to identify and pursue employment opportunities, leveraging skills and experiences gained in military service and new skills and knowledge gained post-service. The IVMF assists with strategies to recruit, assimilate, retain and advance veterans and military families in employment.

  • The IVMF convenes annual conferences to share practices with higher education, business and industry, veterans and their families, government and NGOs which feature research results, toolkits and opportunities to create collaborations between stakeholders responsible for employment outcomes for veterans.
  • The IVMF develops a University Career Center Certification Program, to enable the creation of “Veteran-Certified” Career Centers in higher education. It creates corporate culture training and a civilian skills assessment program to be delivered and implemented by careers centers to serve the career-related needs of veterans and military families.
  • The IVMF develops a business and industry training program focused on recruitment, hiring, assimilation, retention and advancement. The program aggregates (across higher education) training programs targeted to veterans, and is accessible to both career centers at universities nationwide and to hiring and line managers, HR officials and others.
  • The IVMF creates industry-sponsored “Internship-to-Employment Programs” for veterans pursuing two- or four-year degrees, or vocational training programs, which are designed to provide “real-world” experience simultaneous with education, and provide bridges to subsequent employment.