IVMF Education and Training Programs

The IVMF leverages higher education to design, develop and deliver world-class educational programs for veterans, their families and community stakeholders. The institute’s educational programs are designed to provide veterans and their families with the skills needed to be successful in education, work and life.

Currently, the IVMF operates a portfolio of educational programming that includes entrepreneurship and self-employment training for:

The following is a selection of additional educational initiatives currently in development by the IVMF and its collaborators:

  • The IVMF is developing a scalable model to leverage community colleges across the nation to provide vocational training and education to veterans to prepare them for careers in industry.
  • The IVMF is working with industry partners, government and other stakeholders to develop and implement a portfolio of distance education programs focused on financial literacy for military families, benefits planning and self-employment.
  • The IVMF is developing a national library of small business and entrepreneurship education resources, positioned to advance the self-employment goals of veterans and their family members.



Defense Comptrollership Program (DCP)

whitmanMartin J. Whitman School of Management

This DoD-sponsored 12-month program, founded in 1952, provides active duty and DoD civilians with skills to financially manage conflicts, fluctuations in defense budget and DoD management changes. More than 1,600 have graduated and now hold the highest ranks of financial management in the DoD. Visit the Defense Comptrollership Program Website


Military Photojournalism (MPJ) and Military Motion Media (MMM) Programs

newhouseS.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

This DoD-sponsored 10-month program teaches active duty Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Air Force personnel to become better storytellers. It is offered to enlisted members serving as mass communication specialists, combat photographers and military journalists. Visit the MPJ and MMM Websites

National Security Studies (NSS)

maxwellMaxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs

This DoD-sponsored professional development program, founded in 1996, is led by Col. Bill Smullen (Retired), former Chief of Staff to Gen. Colin Powell, and is geared towards mid- level and senior civilian and military executives in public/ private sectors at the center of decision making in strategic and operational security matters. More than 1,700 have participated. Visit the National Security Studies Websites