Measurement & Evaluation

Research, evaluation and measurement underpin all activities supported by the IVMF mission. Efforts within the Community Engagement portion of the Institute’s activities seek and embrace work to produce data-driven outcomes and leading practices to help communities make improvements in their veterans and military family-facing programs, resources and services.

Like our colleagues leading the Institute’s Research tranches, the Community Engagement team focuses on getting inside programing to conduct, discover, organize, archive, interpret, and disseminate research of significant importance to veterans and families, as well as to leverage measurement and evaluation to empower the public, private, and independent sectors to act as informed decision-makers related to the social, policy, and economic concerns of America’s veterans and their families.

For any practice to be meaningfully applied in a community setting serving veterans and military families the IVMF wants to ensure its efficacy is known prior and demonstrated throughout. Our work constantly presses for the inclusion of measurement to drive practice to best-serve America’s veterans and military families. Whether qualitatively or quantitatively based (or both), measurement and evaluation guide the Community Engagement’s team’s focus.

As an example of our evaluation-based approach to work supported through our role as Advisors and Technical Assistance Providers, the Institute measures the impact our technical advice has on our community partners we support on an ongoing basis.