Community Advisement

A key component of the Community Engagement mission area involves IVMF’s efforts to support our communities with impactful technical assistance and advice to better serve their veterans and military families. We strive to be a credible presence in our communities by lending our expertise and providing access to resources to help create and sustain the capacity needed to address their veterans’ needs.

Defined broadly, communities themselves can range from colleges and universities to employers, to nonprofit providers and towns, villages and cities. All of it and each of it is important in the eyes of veterans and military families. Our goal is to see a community’s resources delivered as effectively and efficiently as possible to those who served their country. Our work seeks to align the individual strengths of community-based resources to serve holistically. In so doing we stand the best chance of matching individual need with individualized resources.

Communities represent the next frontier in serving veterans and military families. By adding value to a community’s ability to serve its veterans and military families we serve them where they live, work and play. Importantly, our partners in government recognize the increased value being presented by communities and are investing in them to position resources to help achieve better outcomes for veterans and military families.

Our work challenges traditional models that have served the nation’s veterans by stitching together their proud past with an innovative future, combining the promise of both by more commonly serving together in communities of practice small and large.

Take a look at our Community Advisement in Action on our Branch Out, SSVFs website