Community Engagement

The IVMF strives to be the nation’s leading catalyst for engagement in actionable, whole-of-community strategies positioned to best respond to the opportunities and concerns of America’s veterans and military families.

The mission of the Community Engagement team is threefold:

  • To provide ongoing technical assistance to veteran and military family-facing, community-based organizations to aggregate and sustain high-quality, community-of-practice models addressing the needs of veterans and military families;
  • To evaluate through ongoing measurement the efficacy and efficiency of community-based capacity serving veterans and military families and,
  • To disseminate strategies to best-align public, private and independent sector resources into holistic service delivery systems serving America’s veterans and military families.

The Institute’s Community Engagement initiatives are designed to transform the means by which communities across America organize and deliver culturally competent resources and services to veterans and military families. We partner with leading organizations in philanthropy, nonprofit management, business and government to cultivate community-centric capacity positioned to empower the post-service life course of veterans and their families.

Our approach is deliberate: through process and practice innovation, build community-based capacity that is impactful, appropriate and sustainable. We value the role of government and work to align and embed community-based resources alongside the government’s to increase access to services and resources while reducing further fragmentation of service delivery systems serving veterans and military families.

Our strategies complement the VA’s efforts and position the Institute as the nation’s leading incubator for providing measurable community-based capacity serving America’s veterans and military families. Our world-class staff, many who are veterans themselves, possess significant experience serving veterans and military families and lend considerable expertise to the Institute’s broader goals and objectives to inform and advance the social, economic, community, and policy concerns of the nation’s veterans and military families.